Professionally designed and constructed driveways in Westmeath.


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For close to a decade we have been designing and installing robust and long-lasting driveways in homes all over Westmeath.


  • Concrete Driveways

  • Brick Driveways

  • Gravel Driveways

  • Stone Driveways

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Why Choose Green Finger’s Landscaping for you Driveway Construction


We have years of experience in driveway construction. Our driveway builders have designed and constructed everything from concrete driveways to chip and tar driveways in Westmeath.


We are proud of our reputation for professionalism and our long-standing business relationships with our Westmeath clients. From the beginning of the driveway construction project to the end, our team will be in close communication with the client providing a detailed construction timeline and addressing any concerns the client may have.


We offer competitive market rates for our driveway construction services. Our driveway builders use efficient work practices and the latest equipment to ensure a streamlined build that never compromises on the quality of the driveway finish.

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